Threinody hails from the South Indian city of Bangalore. Drawing inspiration from the 70s’ classic metal and the 80s’ thrash metal, Threinody was formed in 1996. The band is known for having delivered excellent live performances across the span of the country and for their vivacious sound! Threinody‘s sound is often reminiscent of the glory of thrash with a good deal of progressive elements. Besides some bold riffage and punishing grooves, probably the most noteworthy aspects of Threinody‘s music are the well thought transitions between mellow and aggressive, which, despite inducing different moods, are perfectly structured not to seem abrupt.

Threinody is

Premik Jolly on Guitar
Siddhart Kamath: Guitar
Siddharth Naidu on Bass and Vocals
Shreyas Kamath on Drums

Threinody was formed when young men of 17-20 drawn by their shared love of metal and strongly identifying with the speed and aggression of thrash decided to play in the veins of bands like Kreator, Slayer and Black Sabbath, creating music unique and unconventional in its own way! Despite a slew of changes in their line up, Threinody have stood tall for eighteen years and have garnered an appreciation for their outstanding musical acumen which they showcased across the country.

The word ‘Threinody’ has been derived from the Greek word Threnody, which means a song of mourning sung when the bodies of soldiers are brought back from the battlefield.

Threinody draws inspiration from a plethora of rich sources ranging from American thrash like Slayer and Exodus and German thrash like Kreator and Sodom to other bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

The band writes music laced around lyrical themes of war, reincarnation, solitude and human conditions. Threinody‘s songs portray ideas metaphorical of real life situations- ‘Surrender to the Blade‘ tells the tale of a disgraceful doctor who adopts cruel means to earn quick money! Threinody is one of the few well read metal bands with a sound literature! The band’s lyrical themes also deal with thought provoking issues like propaganda, death and isolation.

“We just want to keep playing and recording music, and putting it out there! We’re keen on playing on an international stage in the near future.” —Threinody in an interview with Indian Metal Scene.

BOA banner

Bangalore Open Air 2014 is powered by Wacken Open Air, the biggest annual heavy metal festival, which is held in Wacken, Germany.

Infinite Dreams is one of India’s prime organizing/ artiste management company founded in 2007 by Salman U. Syed, who is also a regular participant of the Wacken Open Air, with the objective of solidifying the bonds between heavy metal fans and musicians, thus contributing towards the metal scene in India. Infinite Dreams focuses on the Indian hard rock/ heavy metal industry and has adopted a brilliant approach towards artiste management through technological efficiency. Properties of Infinite Dreams also include Iron Fist Records, Black Merch and Wacken Metal Battle besides Bangalore Open Air.



Counter Culture

2D2 4th Cross

Dyavasandra Industrial Area

ITPL Main Road




-Article by Debarati Das



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