Armament is a four-piece thrash metal band hailing from Kolkata. Ever since its inception in 2011, Armament has upheld the glory of the early European thrash in their studio work and memorable live shows. Each member bringing with him individual experiences and influences and deriving inspiration from the 80’s thrash giants like Sodom, Destruction and also Sepultura and Sarcofago, the band plays aggressive straightforward thrash.



Armament is

Indranil on Vocals
Soubhik on Guitars
Sayan on Bass
Ayan on Drums

The band members are also called ‘War’, ‘Famine’, ‘Death’ and ‘Conquest’ – the four horsemen of the apocalypse or the angels of retribution. Armament has delivered a slew of unapologetic live performances in Kolkata and elsewhere.

The band has been named ‘Armament’ to propagate the idea of their music being weaponry for listeners to choose from. Armament writes music laced around lyrical themes of war(Wings of Death and War Machine), fear or power(Hammer of God), and also true incidents(Gas Chamber, which is based on the AMRI Hospital burning incident that shook Kolkata).

Armament is all set to launch their debut EP at Bangalore Open Air 2014 and also open for one of their major inspirations – Destruction, a massive step in the career of the band. Armament aims at establishing the idea of power and aggression through their music. The band wishes to spread its music across the span of the country wherever the kind of music they play and the culture they live by are duly appreciated.

BOA banner

Bangalore Open Air 2014 is powered by Wacken Open Air, the biggest annual heavy metal festival, which is held in Wacken, Germany.

Infinite Dreams is one of India’s prime organizing/ artiste management company founded in 2007 by Salman U. Syed, who is also a regular participant of the Wacken Open Air, with the objective of solidifying the bonds between heavy metal fans and musicians, thus contributing towards the metal scene in India. Infinite Dreams focuses on the Indian hard rock/ heavy metal industry and has adopted a brilliant approach towards artiste management through technological efficiency. Properties of Infinite Dreams also include Iron Fist Records, Black Merch and Wacken Metal Battle besides Bangalore Open Air.



Counter Culture

2D2 4th Cross

Dyavasandra Industrial Area

ITPL Main Road




-Article by Debarati Das


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